Implanted contact lens restores man"s sight

Implanted contact lens restores man"s sight

An Alabama man who was legally blind has had a contact lens implanted to correct his extreme short sight.

Clinton Gee spoke to news provider WTVY.com about the procedure, which he had carried out at the Southeast Eye Clinic in Dothan.

It was provided thanks to donations from local doctors and the polymer contact lens implant was given by Star Surgical.

Half an hour after the surgery, ophthalmologist Dr Peter Zloty asked the patient whether he could see a lot more clearly than he had done before, the patient confirmed that he could.

Recently, another patient of implanted contact lenses told VOA News about his experience.

Tommy Hardeman had the contact lenses implanted after laser eye surgery failed to give him perfect sight.

He was thrilled with the results, stating: "Everything is so clear."

Dr Jeffery Whitman pointed out that with the implanted contact lenses, alterations can be made relatively easily if technology advances, noting that the eye"s structure remains unchanged by the procedure.

by Alexa Kaczka

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