Keratoconus-suffering pianist speaks of contact lens history

Keratoconus-suffering pianist speaks of contact lens history

A piano player who suffers from the eye disease keratoconus has given details of how he has worn contact lenses over the years.

Riley McKinch, who is in his early 20"s, suffered sight deterioration from the age of 13 and was diagnosed with the condition, which corrupts the shape of the cornea.

He told the Sheboygan Press how he wears a soft contact lens under a hard one, needing two cases and sets of solution.

"It"s quite a process," he said.

Mr McKinch previously wore hard gas-permeable contact lenses.

He was recently due to undergo a procedure to have Intacs implanted which, it is hoped, will help stop his keratoconus from worsening.

The pianist will still need to wear contact lenses his whole life.

In the UK, the Keratoconus Group gives help and assistance to people affected by the eye condition.

The organisation also tries to raise awareness and fundraise for research, as well as holding regular meetings and conferences.

by Martin Burns

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