Anime contact lenses released

Anime contact lenses released

Fans of anime can now wear contact lenses to make themselves resemble this style of character.

The contact lenses, from GEO Lens, give the wearer the impression of wide open and strangely coloured eyes with large irises, as in the Japanese comic book style.

Users of the contact lenses can choose from a number of colours, patterns and styles.

Anime is a popular style of comic book art and animation in Japan.

It is known for being highly coloured and very stylised, while characters within it typically have very large and exaggerated eyes.

Anime the topics it covers are usually set in a futuristic world.

In an article for Anime World by anime fan Marc Marshall discussed the difficulty of drawing up an absolute definition of the genre.

He argued that artwork does not have to come from Japan in order to be classed as anime, but that it does need to follow a particular style.

by Emily Tait

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