Glasses with in-lens data developed

Glasses with in-lens data developed

By Martin Burns

Data glasses which show information in the lenses to the wearer have been developed by German experts.

Scientists at the Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems (IMPS) in Dresden have created the interactive head-mounted displays (HMDs), meaning commands can be given through eye movements.

The technology is enabled by a chip measuring 19 mm by 17 mm set into the glasses.

Wearers can change the display with eye movements, for example looking quickly to one side to change the page.

Dr Michael Scholles said that the technology could be used in medical procedures by surgeons or for engineers dealing with construction.

He said that the technology has overcome previous issues with HMDs, such as expense and headsets being too heavy.

The IPMS has a workforce of about 210 scientists, including its executive director Prof Dr Hubert Lakner.

Prof Dr Karl Leo is the institute director, while Dr Harald Schenk is the deputy institute director.

by Emily Tait

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