Contact lenses "need to be cared for"

Contact lenses "need to be cared for"

By Alexa Kaczka

An expert has urged people who wear contact lenses to take proper care of them.

Kevin Niksarli, head of the Manhattan Lasik Centre, warned that contact lenses need the correct maintenance.

Not sleeping in contact lenses, nor wearing them for weeks without removing them, helps to keep them safe for users.

Dr Niksarli also urged people to visit a professional as soon as possible if they find themselves irritated by their contact lenses.

Last week, safety tips for looking after eyes in the sun were given in the New Richmond News.

The advice, issued by the Wisconsin Optometric Association, included wearing wraparound sunglasses in order to give eyes as much protection as possible against the rays of the sun.

Children and teenagers, who may be in the sun more than their parents, were also told of the need to have protection for their eyes.

Polycarbonate was said to be the strongest substance for safety goggles.

by Adrian Galbreth

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