How to get Emma Watson"s eyes

How to get Emma Watson"s eyes

By Emily Tait

Celebrity makeup artist Chase Aston has told women how to recreate their eyes in the style of actress Emma Watson.

Readers of Hello! magazine were told that they can replicate the style worn by the Harry Potter star in her campaign to promote Burberry.

Matte foundation, charcoal or grey eye pencil and a blender brush with black eyeshadow are necessary, according to Aston.

Lashes need to be lined, top and bottom, with the dark eyeshadow blended from the lash line to the crease of the eyelid, with more smudging on the lower line.

A lighter, creamy coloured shadow is then used along the bone of the brow, while lashes are curled and given several coats of mascara.

Mr Aston has also given tips to the Body Shop on eye makeup.

His suggestions include applying eye pencil while resting one"s elbow on a flat surface to keep the hand steady.

Stretching the eye gently from the outer corner can also help make sure the pencil line stays smooth.

by Alexa Kaczka

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