Gadgets for those with impaired vision

Gadgets for those with impaired vision

Gizmos for people needing vision correction have been detailed by an American newspaper.

The Daily Herald, based in Chicago, reported a number of gadgets that could help people with visual problems that might not be solved by ordinary glasses or contact lenses.

Two examples are glasses with an adjustable telescopic lens and software to alter website text to suit the reader"s requirements.

There is also a mobile phone app, which can take photos of text, such as restaurant menus and signs, before reading it back to the users.

Different people may need different types of help device for example Artists and musicians need different help than somebody who just wants to be able to watch TV."

But most people do not realise such additional extras exist.

In related news, Canadian researchers have acknowledged that eye tests could prevent people going blind with wet age-related macular degeneration.

Website upi.com reported the findings, which praised the Amsler Grid, a simple test for the condition, which is the top cause of significant vision loss for people aged 50 and over.

by Adrian Galbreth

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