Daily disposables "great for active lifestyle"

Daily disposables "great for active lifestyle"

The benefits of daily disposable contact lenses for active people have been stated on kvos.com.

According to the article, such lenses are the most commonly worn and need only a short period of time for a wearer to adjust to them.

Although described as "great for active lifestyles", the article warns that they do not correct all vision problems.

Other types of lens available include the rigid, gas-permeable model.

Although they have "excellent vision correction" they can be more difficult to insert and less comfortable than a soft lens.

Other options include extended-wear disposables, which are worn for up to thirty days before being discarded.

While they require little or no cleaning and carry only a small risk of infection if used properly.

Daily disposable lenses can also be good for people with allergies. This is because there are less problems with cleaning and storage which might trigger a reaction.

by Alexa Kaczka

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