Toddlers "need sunglasses"

Toddlers "need sunglasses"

By Alexa Kaczka

Children should be wearing sunglasses even while they are toddlers, experts have said.

The Daily Mail reported advice from the American Optometric Association which said that children aged three should still have their eyes shielded from the sun.

This was echoed by Sonal Rughani from the Royal National Institue for the Blind.

She said: "We encourage children to look after their eyes, as excessive exposure to sunlight can potentially damage the eyes and may contribute to the onset of other eye-related conditions such as cataracts."

Children have more transparent lenses in their eyes than adults have, meaning more short wavelength light can get to their retinas and cause damage.

Last week, Mira Torres used an examiner.com article to suggest to women that they use Sun Proof Fun eyeshadow from Bare Escentual this summer.

It contains sunscreen of up to factor 20 to help protect eyes from harmful rays.

Ms Torres praised the choice of colours within the range.

by Martin Burns

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