Water resistant makeup "good for summer"

Water resistant makeup "good for summer"

By Emily Tait

Women have been urged to make up their eyes with water resistant cosmetics this summer.

In an article for Irish newspaper the Herald, Brenda McCormick urged readers to make use of water resistant eyeshadows such as the Fard Lumiere Aquaresistant ones from Yves Saint Laurent.

Describing them as "little pots of shimmery gorgeousness", Ms McCormick also praised the texture of the eyeshadows and their "cooling effect".

In addition, women were also told about water resistant eyeliner pencils Pick-Up Liners.

Made by the Balm, the pencils come in purple, olive and navy and were praised for their small, convenient size and sharpener.

A recent article on examiner.com by Ryan Scott Scarola explained to women that eyeshadow can make use of four basic colours.

The base colour goes with the skin tone, while contour colour should be darker.

Highlight colour is a lighter, iridescent shade and accent colour acts as a complement to the colour of the eye.

by Alexa Kaczka

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