Tips given for eye care in the sun

Tips given for eye care in the sun

Holidaymakers have been told how to make sure that they shield their eyes properly from the sun"s harmful rays.

Dr Jay Schwartz of Schwartz Laser Eye Centre told Arizona broadcaster ABC15 News that sunglasses which screen out both UVA and UVB rays should be worn even on cloudy days.

In addition, people are told to wear hats with brims to shade their faces, but the brims should not be made of plastic and headwear ought not to have a design that includes holes.

Goggles can be useful when swimming, while eye drops may help people who suffer from dry eyes.

Children as young as three also need to have their eyes protected with sunglasses.

The American Optometric Association gave this advice, which was reported by the Daily Mail.

Sonal Rughani from the Royal National Institute of the Blind told the paper that children may suffer damage to their eyes if they are not protected from the sun.

by Alexa Kaczka

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