Vulnerable older people "need quick eye checks"

 Vulnerable older people "need quick eye checks"

By Martin Burns

Older people should be given eye tests as soon as they become unsteady on their feet.

This is the assertion made in the Daily Mail by Juliet Rix.

Writing as Margaret Thatcher remains in hospital two weeks after breaking her arm in a fall, Ms Rix said that people should have their eyes tested before they suffer a trip rather than after.

The prescription for their glasses should be reviewed at the same time.

Ms Rix also pointed out that people who wear bifocal lenses may misjudge positions because they look through the wrong part of the lens.

Recently, Lisa Brothers Arbisser wrote in WQAD that people who suffer from cataracts could wear intraocular lenses.

She suggested the Toric lens as a product that can help astigmatic people, while blended monofocal lenses suit those who have one farsighted eye and one nearsighted one.

Dr Arbisser cited lifestyle as one factor that would affect the best choice of lens.

by Adrian Galbreth

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