Cricketers hope to improve sight with sunglasses

Cricketers hope to improve sight with sunglasses

By Adrian Galbreth

Leading English cricketers could improve their ball catching ability by up to 28 per cent using special glasses.

This is the claim made by Adidas and the England and Wales Cricket Board, reports the Times.

Several players, including captain Andrew Strauss, reportedly wear the glasses, which have tinted lenses to stabilise the light.

The lenses make more of red light and can cut down the amount of glare, which makes it easier for players to see the ball.

Batsman Ian Bell told the paper that the glasses make a "huge difference in picking the ball up against different backgrounds".

According to contact lens firm Acuvue, contact lenses can help sports players by giving them better peripheral vision than they would get with glasses.

It says that this is particularly useful when playing ball games, as players need to be able to see all the way around.

There is UV screening in Acuvue contact lenses to protect eyes from the sun during play.

by Martin Burns

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