The contact lens of the future?

The contact lens of the future?

By the year 2020 contact lenses may be used as much more than a visual aid, according to the scientist behind a brand new prototype lens.

Designed by nanotechnology expert Babak Parviz, of the University of Washington, US, the new design could be used to turn the humble contact lens into a 1.2 millimetre-diameter entertainment system.

Mr Babak reportedly told the Guardian: "We are working hard on functional contact lenses and have demonstrated some key technologies needed to one day have a stand-alone contact lens display.

"High resolution contact lens display will take a bit of time, but is definitely bound to happen."

The hi-tech lenses would be packed with LEDs, allowing detailed images to be generated literally right before a user"s eyes.

The same Wi-Fi technology that is used by mobile phones would be incorporated into the device to allow users to download data on demand, such as video streaming, according to the Hindu Business Line.

Approximately 3 million people in the UK wear contact lenses, according to the Association of Contact Lens Manufacturers.

by Alexa Kaczka

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