Contact lens wearers "getting into bad habits"

Contact lens wearers "getting into bad habits"

UK contact lens users are succumbing to bad contact lens habits despite good eye hygiene never having been easier, it has been claimed.

According to new research by the College of Optometrists, laziness and lack of awareness are the main reasons for people not practicing best eye care habits, as advances in the sector mean looking after lenses has never been easier.

Optometrist Anne Sulley reportedly told Female First: "It"s amazing how many patients I see who are unaware of basic rules of hygiene for their contact lenses."

Approximately 70 per cent of UK contact lens users were found to be guilty of bad eye hygiene habits by the College, despite users now only having to use one solution, making the process both easy and cost effective, according to agoravox.com.

The Association of Contact Lens Manufacturers advises contact lens users that the three key elements of lens care are daily cleaning, daily disinfecting and weekly protein removal.

by Adrian Galbreth

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