Bausch & Lomb "to re-brand eye care solutions"

Bausch & Lomb "to re-brand eye care solutions"

By Alexa Kaczka

Eyecare and contact lens firm Bausch and Lomb is set to "rejuvenate" its ReNu brand of contact lens solutions, the company announced this week.

Rebranding efforts will commence in the US and will see the firm rename the ReNu MultiPlus solution to ReNu Fresh Lens Comfort.

The solution makes contact lenses feel like a new pair every day, according to Bausch and Lomb, which claims it is the only solution on the market containing protein deposit remover Hydranate.

US customers will also see ReNu Multi-Purpose Solution rebranded as ReNu Sensitive Eyes from July 2009 to let them know there is a formula available to them "that has sensitive eyes in mind from the very beginning".

New research from the College of Optometrists in the UK has indicated that contact lens wearers should do more to make sure their eyes are cared for properly.

Its figures suggested that up to 70 per cent of UK contact lens wearers have bad eye hygiene habits.

Weekly protein removal and daily cleaning and disinfecting are essential for good contact lens maintenance.

by Alexa Kaczka

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