Contact lenses "do not impact the cornea"s properties"

Contact lenses "do not impact the cornea"s properties"

Long-term wear of contact lenses does not significantly impact corneal resistance factor and corneal hysteresis, according to a new study.

The recently-published results of clinical trials testing a total of 17 subjects indicated that long-term wear - up to 32 years, in some cases - does not alter the biomechanical properties of the cornea.

Speaking to Ocular Surgery News, Dr Anja Kissner of the Department of Opthamology at the University of Dresden, Germany said that while the study only investigated the impact caused by soft contact lenses, the research team also hypothesised that rigid contact lenses would yield the same results in tests.

"Contact lenses alter the corneal thickness due to edema and swelling of the cornea, but the corneal biomechanical properties - such as corneal hysteresis and the corneal resistance factor - would not be affected," she explained.

by Martin Burns

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