Contact lens wearers "must discard old solutions"

Contact lens wearers "must discard old solutions"

By Adrian Galbreth

Contact lens solutions should not be used more than three months after they have been opened.

This is advice given in Irish publication the Independent by writer Eilish O"Regan.

She explained that using a contact lens solution that has had its seal broken for more than three months increases the risk of infection.

In addition, bottles that do not have a backflow capacity or which are left uncapped can be contaminated by microbes.

Recently, optometrist Mac Scothorn told WDBJ7 that people need to take heed of the expiration date on their contact lens solution.

In addition, contact lens cases should be replaced every 90 days as they can build up bacteria.

Pointing out that contact lenses develop deposits, Scothorn also urged people to make sure they rub their lenses as they clean them, even if the solution says that it is not necessary.

It should be done for 45 seconds or more.

by Adrian Galbreth

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