Tooth implant in eye restores man"s sight

Tooth implant in eye restores man"s sight

A man who was blinded 17 years ago can see again after his tooth was implanted into his eye.

Martin Jones now has one of his canine teeth in his right eye to hold a lens in a rare operation carried out by Christopher Lui, a Brighton-based surgeon.

The tooth was initially placed into his cheek for three months to let it grow new blood vessels and tissue, before being placed in his eye.

Mr Jones was blinded when a container of white hot aluminium exploded in his face, costing him his left eye, though his blinded right one was saved.

He had never seen his wife of four years, Gill, until the operation.

"Getting my sight back changed my life," Mr Jones said, adding: "It is such as precious gift and you don"t really appreciate it until it is taken away."

Meanwhile, the York Blind and Partially Sighted Society is preparing to mark its 35th anniversary.

Joint president Jack Archer told local paper the Press that the charity is "doing a wonderful job".

by Adrian Galbreth

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