Actress wears large contact lenses for role

Actress wears large contact lenses for role

By Emily Tait

An actress who wore large contact lenses for her latest role has spoken of the experience.

Mallika Sherawat plays a snake woman who can appear as a human in her latest film Hiss, according to Star Box Office.

The Indian actress, who is currently promoting the film in LA, explained how the contact lenses covered the entire whites of her eyes.

She had to remove the contact lenses regularly in order to give her eyes a chance to breathe.

Ms Sherawat said that it is the most difficult role she has ever had to play.

In March, Sienna Miller spoke of the contact lenses she wore for her role as the Baroness in GI Joe.

She told Total Film magazine that she had had to wear green contact lenses for the part.

"I don"t recognise myself," she said, adding that her skintight costume, boots and holsters had also contributed to the dramatic change in her appearance.

by Alexa Kaczka

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