Eye tracking glasses show air traveller behaviour

Eye tracking glasses show air traveller behaviour

A study of how consumers behave in airports has been carried out by using special glasses.

EYE, an airport media specialist, carried out the research, according to the Moodie Report.

Subjects in the research wore special glasses that had cameras fitted to keep a record of how they moved their eyes as they were inside Manchester Airport.

According to spokesperson Stephanie Gibson, the media group now has "a rich set of results showing us exactly how much airport advertising passengers look directly at, how long they look at it and how many times they look back at it".

The findings showed that people in Manchester Airport spent just two seconds looking directly at every second panel that they walked by.

More than 28 million passengers pass through the airport every year and 22 million journeys are started or ended there on an annual basis.

It is part of the Manchester Airports Group, which also accounts for the East Midlands, Humberside and Bournemouth airports.

by Alexa Kaczka

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