One eyeshadow "can make a change"

One eyeshadow "can make a change"

By Emily Tait

Buying one new eyeshadow in a dramatic shade can be an inexpensive way of making over one"s look.

This is according to Napolean Perdis, an Australian makeup artist who gave the advice to the Houston Chronicle.

"You don"t need every product but you should have a few quality products," he told budgeting fashionistas.

As a suggestion, women could buy a gold eyeliner or an eyeshadow in a metallic colour to overhaul their makeup bags without breaking the bank.

Primers were also recommended as a good addition to a cosmetics collection.

The Daily Mail recently told readers how to get a natural look for the summer.

Women were advised to apply Vaseline to part of their inner eyelids, using a small brush, and spread it out around the tear ducts and the inner corner of the lower lids.

This would help a pale, shimmery eyeshadow to stay in place.

Also necessary to the look was volumising mascara.

by Alexa Kaczka

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