Advice given for choosing sunglasses

Advice given for choosing sunglasses

Wearers of sunglasses have been given information about keeping their eyes protected while looking fashionable.

In an article for the Times, Lucia van der Post informed readers that their sunglasses need to carry CR39 lenses.

This means that they are compliant with standards set by the European Union.

Once this has been established, consumers could choose genuine vintage styles from Retrosun, which has gathered unused sunglasses from the 1970s and 1980s by designer names.

Cutler & Gross was also mentioned for its oversized styles of sunglasses, inspired by screen icon Grace Kelly.

More help has been given by Ally Champagne on Tiger Weekly.

She urged people not to select sunglasses that are the same shape as their faces.

For example, people with round faces should stay away from round lenses and heart-shaped faces need something to soften the chin.

People with oval faces, however, can wear any shape of lens.

by Martin Burns

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