Sunglasses lenses "depend on face shape"

Sunglasses lenses "depend on face shape"

By Emily Tait

Rather than simply following the latest celebrity fashions, sunglasses wearers should choose their shades according to the shape of their face.

Coming as millions of Britons look to protect their eyes while looking good this summer, Arizona-based fashion expert Yana Miller has advised that just because a style looks good on a music or movie star, doesn"t mean that everyone can pull off the look.

For instance, those people with circular faces will tend to benefit from circular sunglasses, with these helping them to achieve a more "angular" look, while conversely people with "square" faces should plump for curved frames.

Meanwhile, those with "base up triangle" and "base down triangle" faces will look best in thin-rimmed shades or top-heavy shades respectively.

And, those lucky enough to have an oval-shaped face can just about pull off all styles of sunglasses, so long as everything is kept in proportion size-wise.

"Now that you know what looks good on you, you can easily incorporate what’s hot now with what’s hot on you!" Ms Millar concluded on her post for the Examiner.com.

These tips come in the same week that fashion lovers were advised by Times writer Lucia van der Post to ensure that their retro shades comply with EU eye safety standards.

by Emily Tait

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