Contact lens wearer recalls days of glass

Contact lens wearer recalls days of glass

The advances in contact lens technology have been pointed out by a woman who uses them.

Writing for the Philadelphia Inquirer, Lisa Scottoline recalled the days when contact lenses were made of glass.

"You had to get used to them by wearing them gradually for a month, blinking and tearing," she wrote.

Ms Scottoline also remembered the game she used to play with them by pressing down on the side of them and shooting them out of her eyes.

She also admitted to being very good at breaking her spectacles.

According to her, she sits on them, drops them and puts heavy objects on them.

Contact lens technology has now come very far, with people able to enjoy greater comfort and hygiene, such as in daily disposable lenses.

Acuvue, for example, makes use of "stereo precision technology" in its brand of contact lenses used to correct presbyopia, which also include the "hydraclear plus" system to keep the lenses moist.

by Alexa Kaczka

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