How to protect eyes from the sun

How to protect eyes from the sun

By Alexa Kaczka

Advice has been given on protecting eyes from the sun during the summer months.

Memphis publication commercialappeal.com told readers not to wear dark glasses that do not have UV protection in them.

Such lenses can cause the wearer"s pupils to dilate, which means even more light enters the eye.

Grey was said to be the best colour for sunglass lenses as it absorbs light equally over the spectrum, but all sunglasses should have a 99 per cent or 100 per cent shield against UV-A and UV-B rays.

Sunglasses need to be worn by children and are necessary even when sitting in the shade.

Yana Miller recently wrote on Examiner.com about choosing sunglasses to suit one"s face.

She suggested that people with square faces opt for curved frames while triangular faces need lenses that are thin rimmed or top heavy.

Oval faces can take any shape but the frames need to be kept in proportion for the wearer.

by Martin Burns

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