Contact lens chief buys shares

Contact lens chief buys shares

By Martin Burns

The details of shares bought by the head of a contact lens company have been released.

According to GuruFocus.com, Robert S Weiss, president and chief executive officer of The Cooper Companies, bought 1,000 shares in the firm.

The average price for a share was reported to be $24.31 (£14.89).

Mr Weiss also bought 1,000 shares of stock at the end of June.

The price then averaged $24.53 (£15).

GuruFocus.com also noted that the contact lens firm experienced annual earning growth averaging 10.5 per cent in the past decade.

The Cooper Companies recently announced that it had a semi annual dividend of three cents (0.2p) per share.

Stockholders will receive the payment on August 5th.

Although the Cooper Companies is headquartered in California, it manufactures around the world, in places including Hamble and Hampshire, Madrid, Puerto Rico and Adelaide.

It manufactures contact lenses, with the CooperVision unit specialising in products to correct presbyopia and myopia.

by Adrian Galbreth

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