Implantable contact lens "an alternative to laser eye surgery"

Implantable contact lens "an alternative to laser eye surgery"

A surgically-implantable contact lens could be an alternative to laser eye surgery for people with nearsightedness.

The lens, which is placed in front of the natural lens of the eye via a small incision, can be removed and could be suitable options for those with thin corneas - who are not generally considered to be good candidates for vision correction surgery.

And while previous studies examining the effects of implantable contact lenses noted a range of complications including glaucoma and cataracts, a new study published in Archives of Ophthalmology found that the new Visian implantable Collamer lens can be effective in correcting conditions such as myopia for up to four years.

However, the study"s authors noted that "prolonged" and "careful" observation over a longer period of time would be needed before the long-term complications of the lenses and the medical process could be assessed.

by Emily Tait

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