Manager "defies superstition" by changing contact lenses

Manager "defies superstition" by changing contact lenses

By Adrian Galbreth

An American baseball manager who defied superstition by changing his contact lenses and getting a haircut during his team"s ten-game winning streak is now being blamed for its end.

Pedro Lopez, manager of the Brooklyn Cyclones, told the Brooklyn Paper that he threw away an "old pair of contacts" on the day the team ended its winning streak - but he doesn"t believe the corrective lenses are to blame for the loss.

"After two months, you"re supposed to change them, so I did. The [end of the] winning streak had nothing to do with changing them," he said.

"It was two months and the directions said to change them, so I did."

Players described the two events as a "funny coincidence" and have given Mr Lopez the benefit of the doubt.

The Brooklyn Cyclones are a minor league baseball team based in New York. The team was established in 2001 and plays on the former Steeplechase Park site, now known as KeySpan Park.

by Emily Tait

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