Specialist contact lenses help corneal dystrophy patient see

Specialist contact lenses help corneal dystrophy patient see

By Alexa Kaczka

A woman who suffers from corneal dystrophy uses a specialist contact lens in one eye to help her see "to a certain extent".

Resheka Sewpersadh is on the waiting list for a cornea transplant, but uses the corrective lens to maintain some of her vision until a suitable donor has been found, South African newspaper the Post reported yesterday (July 15th).

Ms Sewpersadh, who is 24, relies on help from her mother and sister to live with the condition.

People with thin corneas may benefit from a new implantable contact lens which can be effective at correcting nearsightedness as an alternative to laser surgery.

Researchers say that the contact lenses can help those who are not good candidates for laser eye surgery because of the risk of a corneal abnormality known as keratectasia.

They can also be used to treat severe myopia and were found to be effective during the four-year test period, according to the Archives of Opthalmology.

by Emily Tait

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