Contact lenses correct animals" vision

Contact lenses correct animals" vision

Contact lenses for animals are being made by a company based in Germany.

S&V Technologies creates custom contact lenses, which are being used to help animals who suffer from cataracts.

When their sight is completely clouded, the acrylic interocular contact lenses are put in.

Among S&V Technologies" clients is the World Wildlife Fund, which is buying contact lenses for brown bears in a Chinese nature reserve, while Sea World in San Diego is getting them for a sea lion.

Company spokesperson Ingeborg Fromberg stated: "Cataracts generally mean blindness for animals, unlike for humans."

He explained that this could have a greater impact as they have shorter lives as well.

S&V Technologies has Bavarian chemist Christine Kreiner as its founder.

It was set up in 2007 by several physicists and chemists as well as Dr Kreiner and has a number of modern laboratories.

There are several divisions to the firm, including one for veterinary medicine, which also works on products such as sterile irrigation systems.

by Emily Tait

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