Blue-tinted lenses "are calming"

Blue-tinted lenses "are calming"

Glasses with blue lenses can calm people, reduce appetite and even help with dyslexia, according to a specialist firm.

Ciliary Blue is urging people to try having their glasses lenses tinted with the colour, which it said may help people"s emotional state.

According to the firm, the colour can help people to feel calmer and less stressed.

Since it can be associated with mould, it can also help people to eat less and, the company said, may even be of assistance to people with dyslexia.

Ciliary Blue spokesperson Chris Tomlinson said: "Johnny Depp famously wears blue lenses to great effect."

Examiner.com recently reiterated the importance of having proper protection in sunglasses.

Readers were reminded to opt for glasses that block at least 99 per cent of UV rays, while the colour of the lenses may help the wearer"s comfort.

by Alexa Kaczka

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