Motorbike racer "confident with contact lenses"

Motorbike racer "confident with contact lenses"

By Martin Burns

A young motorbike racer from Scunthorpe has spoken of her confidence with her contact lenses.

Sam Burman, who is competing in the NGRRC Championships, told girlracer.co.uk that while she has not been satisfied with all of her recent results, she is happy with her contact lenses.

"I was also pleased that we were able to try my contact lenses in the wet conditions and I felt confident with them," she said.

Ms Burman is currently third in the NGRCC Refined Recruitment 125GP Championship after 11 rounds.

She will be racing this weekend at Donington Park in the British arm of the MotoGP World Championship.

On her website, Ms Burman explains how she started racing from the age of six.

An apprentice turner, she describes her family as her parents, her boyfriend Ben "and a load of motorbikes".

She wants to become British Champion and train to become a "brilliant turner", as well as have a family in the future.

by Adrian Galbreth

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