Fashionable frames "good for children with glasses"

Fashionable frames "good for children with glasses"

Fashionable glasses frames are proving a hit with children in the US.

In a New York-based article, the Canadian Press reports how frames can now be bought in bright colours and distinctive styles, making children happy to wear them.

One child, ten-year-old Gabby Mason, believes her tortoiseshell style glasses make her look more intelligent.

Jeffrey J Walline, assistant professor at Ohio State University College of Optometry and researcher of how children view glasses wearers, said that many children probably agree with her.

He found that intelligence was the only factor that children perceive as different in glasses wearers and noted that in films and cartoons, the brighter characters wear spectacles.

According to Jon Gruen, who founded Optyx by Gruen eyewear firm: "Siblings of glasses wearers want glasses."

Specialist company Ciliary Blue recently stated that glasses with blue lenses can have a calming effect on their wearer.

by Alexa Kaczka

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