Contact lenses "essential for active lifestyles"

Contact lenses "essential for active lifestyles"

People who have active lifestyles need contact lenses if they have imperfect vision.

This is the claim made by a writer on health website fitsugar.com.

It was explained that unlike glasses, contact lenses do not fall off or steam up.

They can also be worn while swimming as long as care is taken or goggles are used as well.

Active people who wear contact lenses were reminded to wash their hands before handling them.

Wearers with allergies were adviseed to make greater use of daily disposable lenses.

In addition, women who wear makeup should replace their cosmetics every three months to help prevent them from getting infections, as well as keeping their brushes clean.

Recently, the Korea Times recommended that people who wear contact lenses should consider switching to glasses for the duration of any flight that they take.

It explained that air conditioning dries the air inside the cabin, so glasses may be more comfortable while travelling.

by Martin Burns

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