Laser treatment should be undertaken "with caution"

Laser treatment should be undertaken "with caution"

The US Food and Drug Administration has called for clearer information about laser eye surgery to be given to prospective patients.

According to the London Free Press, while laser surgery can improve sight for some people, others do not see a permanent improvement and many more still need to use glasses or contact lenses in low light conditions even after the surgery.

Lasik laser eye surgery changes the shape of the cornea by cutting a small flap in the cornea and disintegrating eye tissue beneath.

However, the article noted some patients even experience side effects and find their vision is worse after the surgery.

"In one study, 36 per cent of those who had surgery on both eyes still needed glasses," the article said.

"Another report stated between two to ten per cent of people still require glasses after surgery."

Although glasses can be inconvenient for wearers, contact lenses are a real alternative for most people and can be used for almost all vision needs.

by Adrian Galbreth

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