Cyclists given eye protection advice

Cyclists given eye protection advice

By Adrian Galbreth

Cyclists have been told how they can help to protect their eyes.

Writing for examiner.com, Ed Wagner offered solutions for cyclists who need to correct their vision but cannot wear ordinary sunglasses because they do not wear contact lenses.

He suggested putting prescription lenses into the frames of sunglasses, or putting prescription inserts into safety glasses or sunglasses.

Cyclists were warned that in the case of the latter, glasses are slightly heavier and there are four surfaces rather than two, requiring more cleaning.

Goggles can be useful in cold weather, though these can fog up.

Mr Wagner suggested pushing them down the nose while stationary and then wearing them properly once on the move.

Last week, the Baltimore Sun urged its readers to protect their eyes over the summer.

Hats were given as one way of protecting eyes as well as faces.

The newspaper also said that wraparound sunglasses give the best defence and are a fashionable choice.

by Emily Tait

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