Contact lenses "can be worn by 10-year-olds"

Contact lenses "can be worn by 10-year-olds"

Children who are ten could be ready to start wearing contact lenses if they wish, according to a US eye centre.

The Vision Centre, based in Los Angeles, released details for parents.

It said that children of ten or over are usually able to wear contact lenses, though they can be fitted to very young children if necessary and would need an adult to put them in or take them out.

Furthermore, parents were urged to have their children"s eyes checked even as babies and not to wait until they begin school or kindergarten.

Recently, ten-year-old Gabby Mason told the Canadian Press that she thinks her tortoiseshell glasses frames give her an air of intelligence.

The US-based article explained that stylish frames for spectacles are making children happier to wear their glasses.

Jon Gruen, founder of eyewear company Optyx by Gruen, said that children whose brothers and sisters wear glasses want to wear them as well.

by Emily Tait

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