Conjunctivitis sufferers "should discard contact lenses"

Conjunctivitis sufferers "should discard contact lenses"

Conjunctivitis sufferers who wear disposable contact lenses should dispose of them if they have suffered from the eye ailment.

This is advice given by Dr Geoffrey Galgo of the Guam Medical Care Clinic.

He told Guam publication kuam.com that it is important to maintain proper hygiene as conjunctivitis is contagious.

People with disposable contact lenses should not reuse them if they suffer from the condition.

Nor should they wear contact lenses during a bout.

He also stressed the importance of hand washing and noted that conjunctivitis can be caused by such things as fungi, bacteria or allergies.

The BBC explains that conjunctivitis causes inflammation of the inside of the eyelids and the white of the eye.

Sufferers may experience itchiness, soreness or pain and be sensitive to bright light.

Conjunctivitis is caused by irritants such as allergens, or by an infection.

It is usually a viral infection, though newborn babies may catch it as a bacterial one as they travel through the birth canal.

by Martin Burns

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