New contact lenses for older people underway

New contact lenses for older people underway

By Adrian Galbreth

Contact lenses for people with older eyes are being created by optometrists at a US university.

The University of Alabama at Birmingham"s (UAB) School of Optometry is developing multi-focal contact lenses to correct presbyopia.

It is intended that they will remove the need for people to wear reading glasses over contact lenses or stop wearing contact lenses because they have presbyopia.

Pre-market evaluations are being carried out regarding materials and design.

Associate professor at the school Adam Gordon said that the new contact lenses, being multi-focal, "are a closer simulation of the way natural vision works and the way eyes are designed to focus".

The UAB"s School of Optometry has a number of goals dedicated to improving eye care.

Included among these are developing clinical programmes for public benefit and providing resources to prompt research in the field.

The school has been in existence since 1969 and graduated its 1,223rd doctor of optometry this year.

by Adrian Galbreth

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