Sunglasses "may be required when driving"

Sunglasses "may be required when driving"

People who drive without wearing sunglasses may be subject to prosecution in some cases.

This was the warning given by motor offence lawyer Jeanette Miller on femalefirst.co.uk.

She explained that while it is not compulsory to wear sunglasses in bright weather, not doing so may constitute careless driving if it leaves the person behind the wheel unable to see properly.

Ms Miller warned that a person who is not wearing sunglasses and causes an accident through being dazzled will almost certainly have to pay compensation in a civil claim.

The Highway Code includes a rule that states people should slow down and stop if necessary if sunshine is getting in their eyes.

"Get some sunglasses, even if the sun only shines for one month of the year," Ms Miller said.

Deutsche Presse Agentur recently warned people to make sure they have spare glasses or contact lenses in their cars.

It reported data from the German Association of Ophthalmologists which shows that 20 per cent of drivers in the country aged 60 or over cannot see well enough to drive in the dark.

by Martin Burns

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