Contact lenses offer "only partial sun protection"

Contact lenses offer "only partial sun protection"

People going into the sun have been warned that they will need protection for their eyes beyond just their contact lenses.

An article in the Lansing State Journal explained that contact lenses cover only part of the eye and further shielding from harmful rays is needed.

Sunglasses need to block at least 99 per cent of the sun"s ultraviolet rays and are especially important for light eyes, though darker eyes need protection too.

The sun is brightest from 10am to 2pm, so sunglasses need to be worn in this time.

In addition, shades should not let in more than 20 per cent of light.

Motor offence lawyer Jeanette Miller recently wrote on femalefirst.co.uk that sunglasses may be legally required while driving.

It is not necessary to wear them but someone who is dazzled while driving because they are not shading their eyes may face a charge of careless driving.

This could lead to a civil claim for compensation.

by Alexa Kaczka

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