Seeing the optician "can be lifesaving"

Seeing the optician "can be lifesaving"

Eye tests can be lifesavers, a newspaper has explained.

The Daily Mail spoke to several people who had potentially fatal conditions flagged up when they went for eye tests.

In one case, a 16-year-old boy who had been suffering headaches saw an optician who noticed an abnormality in the back of his eye.

Andrew McNulty was quickly taken to hospital and diagnosed with a brain tumour that could have killed him at any moment.

Speaking after successful surgery, his mother Sandra said: "I can"t praise the optician enough - without him, Andrew would be dead."

Juliet Wheater was suffering stomach trouble when she had her eyes tested for laser surgery treatment.

Her opthalmologist told her to go to an eye hospital, identifying what he thought was a scratch.

She was later told by a surgeon that it was inflammation and could be associated with colitis.

Mrs Wheater is now on medication for her incurable ulcerative colitis.

The Baltimore Sun recently urged readers to get their eyes checked regularly at different ages.

It noted that it is especially important to catch age-related macular degeneration early.

by Adrian Galbreth

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