Eye colours matched to eyeshadow

Eye colours matched to eyeshadow

By Emily Tait

Women who want to make up their eyes have been given advice on choosing the best colour to suit them.

According to Australian newspaper the Daily Examiner, brown eyes can wear almost any shade on the lids.

Green and pink were said to be especially dramatic, while blue eyeshadow will also work.

Brown eyes with gold flecks can wear shadow with a golden shimmer.

Green eyes look startling in purple, while brown colours or warm shades with undertones of orange will give a more subtle effect.

Colours that work well with green eyes include taupe, mocha, gold and lavender.

People with blue eyes were warned against wearing blue eyeshadow, but browns, taupe and certain greys were said to work well.

Rose colours also suit blue eyes, with pinks and purples forming a complementary contrast.

Makeup artist Nancy Spencer recently told Body Confidential how dark eye makeup could adapted for a bridal look.

She suggested using ivory and plum eyeshadows along with black eyeliner.

by Alexa Kaczka

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