How to make sunglasses fit

How to make sunglasses fit

A tip has been given for getting old sunglasses to fit properly.

Writing for examiner.com, Deanna Turner made a suggestion on how make sunglasses with plastic frames fit as snugly as they originally did.

She told readers to put the glasses into hot tap water and leave them there for a minute.

This will soften the arms and enable the wearer to press them gently back to the shape they should be.

As the plastic cools, it will harden again.

"Be careful when bending them back into shape - do not apply a lot of pressure as you don"t want to break your favourite pair of shades," Ms Turner wrote.

She observed that many people will bend their sunglasses out of shape by wearing them on top of their heads.

Another way of tightening the arm so they fit behind the ears better on plastic frames is to heat the part of the arm that goes behind the ear with a hairdryer and then bend it slightly into place.

It is best not to bend too much but to try two or three times to get a better fit and avoid damaging the frame.

by Emily Tait

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