Optometrist trains Ethiopian nurses

Optometrist trains Ethiopian nurses

An optometrist from Mansfield travelled to Ethiopia to help improve eye care in the country.

James Pinder went to Burkina Faso to carry out similar voluntary work a few years ago.

This time around he went to Ethiopia to train nurses in eye care so they can give better care to children suffering from short sightedness.

He is working with the charity Vision Aid Overseas.

Mr Pinder told Mansfield newspaper Chad that he and two other optometrists, all of whom paid for their own trips, had trained three nursing assistants in carrying out eye tests and providing the right glasses.

"The language barrier was a problem and it was a huge challenge but it was incredibly rewarding," he said.

Vision Aid Overseas was set up in 1985.

Since its inception, it has helped over 300,000 people in the developing world to get glasses to see properly and given over 600,000 eye tests.

It sends volunteers abroad to help train people, provide screenings and start up eye clinics.

by Adrian Galbreth

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