Don"t suffer with dry eyes, says expert

Don"t suffer with dry eyes, says expert

Those who suffer from dry eyes should not be afraid to seek treatment for the condition.

Some time ago bestselling author Jacquelyn Mitchard teamed up with Allergan and a US organization, Red Hot Mamas (RHM), to raise awareness about the possible long-term consequences of dry eyes.

The condition can affect everyday tasks such as reading and using a computer as it may cause blurred vision, itchiness and irritation.

According to RHM president Karen Giblin, women are twice as likely to suffer from dry eye - which occurs when the changed health of the tear gland means less tears are produced.

"If left untreated, dry eye can progress and lead to more serious vision problems," said Dr Marguerite McDonald of the Opthalmic Consultants of Long Island and a clinical professor or ophthalmology at New York University.

"It"s important to speak with an eye doctor" she added.

Meanwhile, recent research by contact lens manufacturer Johnson & Johnson investigated the amount of discomfort some people feel when they are in the second half of their contact lenses" life.

It was suggested that the raised level of discomfort experienced was due to some wearers not replacing their lenses in keeping with the manufacturer"s guidelines and highlighted that if lenses are designed for 30-day wear, they should not be used after this period.

by Alexa Kaczka

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