How to choose the best shape of sunglasses

How to choose the best shape of sunglasses

Help has been given to people who want to choose sunglasses that are most flattering to their face shapes.

Writing for macon.com, Rachel Skybetter said that oval faces can take any shape of sunglasses, though proportion should be maintained by taking frames that are a little wider.

Round faces need rectangular frames to help create some angles, while square faces should wear oval or round lenses to soften them.

Aviator glasses or rimless designs suit heart-shaped faces, which need to steer clear of overcomplicated or top-heavy models that could make the forehead appear too large.

Narrower designs are the best option for oblong faces.

Celebrity fashion stylist Neil Rodgers recently said that sunglasses offer an inexpensive way to make outfits look better.

According to him, they are a celebrity accessory that is easily available to everybody, being "relatively inexpensive".

He suggested frames from Dolce & Gabbana, which he said, "look expensive".

by Martin Burns

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