Bright colours "in fashion for sunglasses"

Bright colours "in fashion for sunglasses"

By Emily Tait

This summer sees sunglasses in bright colours, according to a report.

An article in the Cumberland News explained that pink, floral and fluorescent yellow frames are in fashion for this season.

Celebrities such as Paris Hilton have been seen in novelty sunglasses such as heart-shaped lenses.

For more classically-minded people, Ray Ban Wayfarers or Aviators are an option and similar styles can be found in high street stores if the originals are too expensive.

People who are unsure of whether they can get away with a statement style were advised to try large frames with rectangular lenses in tortoiseshell or black.

The paper also urged people not to be tempted to go without sunglasses, as they protect the eyes from harmful ultra-violet rays from the sun.

Recently, Rachel Skybetter used a macon.com article to give advice on choosing sunglasses to suit the shape of one"s face.

She suggested rectangular frames for round faces and oval ones for square faces.

by Martin Burns

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