"Get eyes checked" to prepare for school success

"Get eyes checked" to prepare for school success

Parents should take their youngsters to get their eyes checked out in order to stand them in the best possible stead to achieve their academic potential, according to Transitions Optical.

The organisation states a youngster may be experiencing problems with their vision if they have difficulty seeing distant objects, reading a blackboard or watching television without squinting, meaning they could need glasses or contact lenses.

Dr Madeline Romeau from the Foundation of the American Academy of Ophthalmology - founded in 1896 - notes there are a number of factors that can lead to eye problems in the classroom.

"Today"s youth not only learn through traditional methods in the schoolroom, but they also learn by using computers, which are known to cause eyestrain," she adds.
Symptoms of eye strain can include headaches, blurring of the vision, feelings of dryness, and other discomfort.

Should mums and dads notice any of these signs or symptoms, they should take their child to their local eye care professional so their vision and eyes can be tested.

by Martin Burns

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